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If This Sounds Like Your Life

You eat at the same places, go to the very same cinema, regular the very same bars. If this sounds like your life, use your staycation to break routine and attempt something new. Take a look at a new restaurant, go to a regional museum, attempt a different zoo in a neighboring town, or seek regional festivals and performances. Instead, spend a day pampering yourself in your own city. If you have kids, pay for a sitter to enjoy them all day so you can genuinely get some R&R. If we’ve learned anything from the show Parks and Recreation, alleviating yourself appropriately can be a full-day affair. Purchase yourself a clothing, and make reservations at a dining establishment you’ve been dying to check out. Sure, you’ll spend more in one day than you generally would, but it will still be less expensive than a full vacation, and you’ll be just as unwinder. Let’s say you just desire to take a couple of days off of work to relax with the family and capture up on your to-do list. Attempt to get rid of the temptation to inspect your work email: Put the away message on and let all work calls go to voicemail.

We see that Friends play a very important role in our Lives and so this day was dedicated to Friends and Friendship. A friend is a push when you have stopped, a chat when u r lonely, a guide when u r searching, a smile when u r sad, a song when u r glad. A best friend is somebody who knows every last thing about u, yet still manages to like u anyway. Being a friend is not just sharing a joke,a conversation,a cup of coffee or a funny story. It means sharing an honest n true part of yourself. Next year and forever. FRIENDSHIP is vast like UNIVERSE. Friendships is like wine: it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER. The wrong kind of people dislikes you 4 the good in you & The right kind of peoples like you knowing even the bad in you. That makes a Friendship strong… Happy Friendship Day ! Some can give u Crying & tears. Many others can give u Laughter & smiles. But only rare can give u Laughing tears & Crying smiles. Those r simply called Friends.Happy Friendship Day ! Never Try To Test Frndship. May Slip Away From Ur Life..!

Happy Friendship Day 2016: On Sunday, August 7, as the world celebrates Friendship Day and the youths across India is ready to celebrate the Friendship Day 2016 with their best friends. Here we bring you some of the best Friendship Day Greetings, e-Cards and Images to Wish Happy Friendship Day. On Sunday, some friends will plan for outing at a restaurant, Hill Areas, or some parks. The day is celebrated by exchanging messages, Friendship Day bands and gifts. Normally youths also like to hang out with their loved ones. So here are some of the 20 Best Friendship Day Greetings, e-Cards and Images to share with friends. Also Read: Happy Friendship Day 2016: 20 Best Friendship Day SMS, Shayari, WhatsApp Messages to Wish Happy Friendship Day greetings! The real idea behind Friendship Day was proposed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1997 and the day is celebrated with various events organised to promote unity in our society. You can download Friendship Day Greetings Cards, e-Cards and Images right from here.

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant. Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends? Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go. Friends are born, not made. Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness. Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives. Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends. It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them. It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

A true friend is someone who knows there’s something wrong even when you have the biggest smile on your face. Without friends no one would choose to live. One Heart talk with another one is affection. Heart live with another Heart is Love But two Hearts made like one is FRIENDSHIP…..! If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn’t jump with them, I would be at the bottom to catch them. A simple friend thinks the friendship over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it’s not a friendship until after you’ve had a fight. Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together. Friendship is not a big fire which burns all day. Its a small lamp, that burns till the last day of life. Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a conversation, a cup of coffee or a funny story. Har Koyi Pyar Ke Liye Rota Hai…. Meri baat Ko Galat Mat Samajh Na…. Happy Friendship Day to all! Jab Haath koTaklif hoti hai to Aankh Roti hai aur Jab Aankh roti hai to aath Aansu Pochta hai. Dosti har chehre ki muskaan hoti hai, Dosti sukh - dukh ki pehchaan hoti hai, Koi rooth jaye to dil pe mat lena, Kyunki dosti zara si nadaan bhi hoti hai. Happy Friendship Day Mates! Also on this special day wish your loved ones as they are also your best friends. They are your friends first and then the other relation. Wishes of Happy Friendship day for lover are as follow. But things not happened as I thought. May be we are far from each other. But I'll always be there for you & try to make things as we dreamed of! Sorry, if I ever hurt your feeling. But I really love you since you are one of my sweetest friends. I miss you all the time.

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